• Letter to Town board and Code enforcement dated May 1, 2012 placing Town on notice re: improper use of Transient Motels as Multiple Dwellings and residential homes being used as illegal rentals (10 facilities identified).

• Retention of Attorney and Attendance at May 3, 2012 Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) Hearing dealing with prospective conversion from Motel to year-round Apar...
tment use of the "Tiana Pines Apartments" complex.

• Freedom of Information Request filed on June 26, 2012 with County Department of Health covering Septic Permits for 7 facilities cited for Town Violations to determine if Septic systems are in compliance with existing County Laws.

• Letter Dated July 11, 2012 forwarded to Town Supervisor and all Board members advising them of the Town's potential liability arising from its failure to enforce the existing laws.

• CCHB Letter featured in The Southampton Press of July 12, 2012 thanking Code Enforcement for enforcing existing codes and laws.

• Attendance and speaking at August 14, 2012 Town Board meeting discussing the next steps to be taken in relation to the illegal occupancy of the motels

• Organize and prepare for August 29, 2012 "Open House" meeting with Hampton Bays community to discuss issues and concerns facing Hampton Bays

The issues facing Hampton Bays affect all our lives and families. CCHB is a community group which acts on behalf of all residents. We ask that you join our cause to Save Hampton Bays---Both by volunteering with our activities and/or by making a financial donation. THANK YOU!
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Michael Dunn
Robert Liner
 Gail Liner
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$50 per person
$300 per business

All dues & donations can be sent to:

Concerned Citizens of Hampton Bays (CCHB)
P.O. Box 102
Hampton Bays, NY 11946